Buy one, get one Free! Unlimited use of Form Workflow and Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-ons for a single price

Did you know that for US$48, you can use the unlimited versions of both our add-ons? Oh yes.

Form Workflow allows you to automate approvals with Google Forms and Google Sheets. Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments lets you merge documents and emails. Get the Pro plan for one, and start using the other on Pro as well.

data merge_plus_form workflow

All you have to do is buy one add-on for an annual US$48. Go to the add-on’s menu and click “Get Unlimited Usage.” Pay with your credit card in-app. You are now on a Pro account.

That means that you can use Form Workflow beyond the 50 validations on the free plan. And you can merge as many documents and emails as you need with Mail Merge & Doc Merge beyond the 50 a day allowed on free.

unlimited usage

If you don’t have the other add-on yet, all you have to do is install it. You are automatically on a Pro account. If you already have the other add-on, you don’t have to do anything. You can begin using it without limits.

What are you waiting for? Get Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments and Form Workflow right now.

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