How’s Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments add-on makes assessment report generation easy for the Fountainhead School

Eighty five teachers at the Fountainhead School have increased their productivity by using’s Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments. They use the add-on to generate assessment reports for their students.

Fountainhead is a K-12 International Baccalaureate school based in India. They have more than 1,600 students.

The teachers regularly send assessment reports to the parents of the students. For the senior students alone, approximately 2,000 documents and emails are generated per term.


Fountainhead School’s Report Template

The task of creating and sending these reports used to be performed with Autocrat and PandaDoc. They then discovered how much more efficiently the job is done with one single product. They have since made the shift to’s Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments.

The workflow begins when assessment logs are prepared on Google spreadsheets by the IT team. The logs include multiple formulas for automatic grade calculations. These logs are then shared with the teachers. The teachers enter marks and comments into the assessment log sheets. A report template is prepared. Reports are merged using the add-on. The add-on also takes care of sending these reports as PDF attachments in emails to parents.


Excerpt of Fountainhead School’s Assessment Logs Spreadsheet

Says IT head Chinki Chhapia, “Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments has been a time-saver for us, increasing the productivity of teachers.”

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