10 Ladino sayings explaining the world we live in today

Looking to make sense of the passing year and wondering what the new year has in store? Leave it to the wisdom of our Sephardic ancestors.

Special thanks to Dr. Devin E. Naar and Ty Alhadeff of the University of Washington’s Sephardic Studies Program, best source of all things Ladino, for compiling the list.

  1. True. But ouch.

2. Sounds better?

3. May your guiding light be strong.

4. Questions or complaints? You know who’s in charge.

5. And this is how the cookie crumbles.

6. If a moment is missed, much is missed.

7. And don’t you forget that!

8. The eternal question, now available in Ladino.

9. You are not alone.

10. Don’t be afraid.