Gun Control in US

Does the gun regulation actually protects the citizens? This topic might be a normal elderly subject, but this classic issue does not have an explicit conclusion from pro and con so far. I personally thought this topic was interesting after meeting one American guy in a pub. I had a conversation with him about what it means to Americans when it comes to the possession of a gun in their home. He said that gun can symbolize the freedom of US citizens. They can protect themselves by having a ‘power’ from this physical means. It has not been a long time since I came to America, so I was not yet aware of the general thoughts and values of Americans toward gun possession. However, I got a little sense now that many of them are considering gun possession as their legitimate power and even more, as a representation of their civil rights. An irony comes out at this point; guns can protect the citizens from the perils of various situations, but also make them vulnerable to any gun-motivated accidents at the same time. In Korea, which is my home country, it is completely banned for the civilians either buying or selling a gun. Therefore, until now I have regarded gun as a tool only for the militaries and soldiers. Throughout this semester, I want to deal with this dilemma of gun control in US. I think this topic is relevant and quite interesting. It is obviously a controversial idea with a lot of branching assertions. Also, it is a long-lived and neither too narrow nor too broad to adopt as an argumentative topic.

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