Panel 2 Report: Jake Fleisher and Katie Derthick

Jake Fleisher — Ideation

Jake Fleisher is a Principal UX Researcher at Blink UX. His background is in product development and design and he currently concentrates on UX strategy. He discussed how he has used ideation and brainstormed techniques in his profession works such as hands-free kitchen faucet and HP printer project. Throughout the lecture, he basically gave lesson about sketching sharing his works. Observing his beginning sketches, I could not state those are professional sketch since the drawing wasn’t skillful but messy. However, he told us that those materials could be advance but necessary. Then he showed other sketches at different stages. It was more improved and detailed compared to beginning stage. He also mentioned that it is important to sketch my ideas a lot and don’t be criticize or negative about my thought. Additionally what I liked about his design was from hands-free kitchen faucet. He researched based on users hearing comments from them. To reduce the inconvenience of using kitchen faucet, he developed his sketches. At the end, satisfying people’s expectation, he made a complete version of it and it is called hands-free kitchen.

Katie Derthick — User Research

Katie Derthick is a PhD student in the HCDE graduation program. Her work focuses on meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism. She discussed experience of her user research for some of her dissertation studies. She researched about how the both technology and society related to each other. She didn’t see in one side as technology or religion. She didn’t try to be biased. Cultures and religions view the technology in different ways. Also the mediation and mindfulness affects the use of technology. Additionally, she showed her studies of how communities differently view on technology and believed it is important to know this material. She didn’t just explained it by talking or defining but showing notes on the wall then linked her ideas to another with different color of tapes. For us, it was easier to understand by connecting and organizing the similar ideas. She really wants us to experience what she experienced.


For the ideation sketch, whenever I mistakenly draw something out, I used my eraser to erase my sketch in habit. Unfortunately, this was a bad method to sketch. Both from the studio session and lecture told not to use eraser since every drawing aspect could be important. There were no needs of being embarrassed or criticized by my ideas. Also it is important to design the product thinking about users and their expectation. If the object doesn’t satisfy them or not useful in real life, it is unnecessary to design. To be more knowledgeable and professional with this, it is important to keep drawing a lot. Therefore, I always need to carry my note and sketch whenever I think of a new idea. Not only practice is important but also not relying on one side being bias is important for user research to observe indifferent ways.

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