I really, really hate doing timesheets. At the wonderful agency I worked at before co-founding William Joseph, I (along with my now business partner) were named and shamed as being the worst offenders for missing weeks (I think it may have been years!). I recall my ever-patient then boss, calmly explaining how important they were blah blah blah. The problem I had at the time, was that I was not only doing the work, I was also controlling the budgets — so I had a pretty good gauge on what we were billing vs overall time. So I felt it…

Love it! Can we see some more now?

One of the great benefits of designing for digital over print is the iterative processes that are embraced. For me, it felt like a breath of fresh air and a welcome return to the collaborative creative process I’d enjoyed in my early career when Macs weren’t on every desk. However, what has confused me over the last few years is how this approach hasn’t transferred to other areas of design, even when being commissioned by the same forward-thinking-digi-savvy people.

I’ve been working in the design industry for over 26 years and started my career in the pre-internet days of paste-up…

1. Virtual Reality

Whilst it’s been touted for more than 30 years, the commercialization of virtual reality now seems to be coming to fruition. Whether it’s being driven by Moore’s Law or Zuckerburg’s imagination, it’s hard to ignore the momentum that’s building.

What’s more, for everyone that’s had even the briefest of experiences with a Google Cardboard, it’s easy to see how immersive and impressive the new technology is. …

For those of us that work in established organisations, the digital revolution that everyone speaks about so fondly can feel like a never-ending threat that’s looking to destabalise our market, our business and our job.

Driven by a sea of blog articles, conferences and webinars we know that we are working in a completely different world, but we don’t know how to succeed in it.

Here’s the secret — it’s not really that different.

It is the latest in a long line of revolutions that have driven one thing — our ability to communicate with one another. From the invention…

Chris Hammond

Founder & Managing Director of www.williamjoseph.co.uk

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