Getting Your Photography out there!

In this digital age, it’s a very competitive industry to get your work noticed by others as camera’s are now everywhere. Most artists use social networking sites like Instagram, Flickr but again these sites are filled with thousnads of images.

Best way to get started is to create a profile on sites like Instagram, and keep updating it regulary as this is way to get your work noticed and in some cases this can help getting yourself out there. This will also be good for feedback which you can always take on board to help you improve your craft. Entering photography competitions can also help as this gives you a chance to create a piece of work (sometimes it can be insightful to give you an idea what an employer would require) but you would have to be careful as some of these competitions can use your work without your consent.

Another way to get your work published, is to work with local newspapers and magazines as this can get your name noticed and can also get you future employers. If you manage to meet their requirements, your images will get publish as well as you being able to get some kind of an income. Also, if you look for local exhibitions, no matter how small, you can always be able to get your work hung up at galleries which will give your work publicity and some sort of recognition. This is also to get attention on your work as well as your name.