How to get Started in Editorial Photography

Looking in to how you get started in becoming an Editorial Photographer, you’ll have to find contacts in the industry .e.g. searching for names, applying for agencies to help to find work, having good marketing skills, being able to work well with other creatives and being an enthusiast in that area.

You should also look into what ever the employer wants, as this would be crucial as they would like to see a portfolio to see if you are the person that can fill in their requirements. It’s always best if you are aware of different photography trends that can help benefit your work and this will help you go in to the right direction.

As well as being a photographer, it would help if you had other skills, for example being able to write in a journalistic style, being able to edit using programmes like Photo Shop, using a studio and being to work as part of a team. These will help boost the chance of you getting employment.

Employers in Editorial photography can expect you to drop everything almost immediantly and to start fufilling their needs so its best to be able to work quick. If you miss a deadline, you can expect that they will not hesitate and will never hire you in the future.

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