A brief how-to of Google’s Plugin “Sketch2AE”

I’ll admit it — just about a month and a half ago, I was terrified of using After Effects. The immense and complex interface it presented, as well as its frictional workflow with Sketch turned me off greatly. After discovering a plug-in for Sketch made by Google, however, I found that it efficiently bridged the gap for product designers wanting to try After Effects. …

A discourse exploring the intersection of geography, culture and identity

Last week, I went back home to San Francisco for a tech conference. Upon arriving at the airport, a wave of nostalgia and familiarity swept over me— it was my first time visiting since moving to Charlottesville, and I had the opportunity to reconnect with my family and old friends.

At the same time, however, I felt like a foreigner to the city that I grew up in, that I knew as well as the back of my hand. …

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As intern season approaches, it’s important to make the most informed decision you can to best set up your career path.

You’re a student in school, hustling on your side projects and working hard on those design class projects and applying to every design internship opportunity that comes your way. Finally, after spending weeks interviewing, you get an offer for the Summer and you’re ecstatic. But there’s a caveat — it’s unpaid, yet you’re expected to do 40 hours a week for “class credit”. What do you do?

A recent discussion on the dilemma of unpaid internships on Designer’s Guild, a Facebook group for designers to discuss all things design, had me thinking quite a bit about the tradeoffs and my…

Our campsite outside of Revelstoke, BC

That’s actually be an understatement. A lot of sh*t went wrong shortly after the first 1000 miles on the road. But at least my best friend and college roommate joined me for a leg of the journey.

Since my last blog post, I’ve traveled another 4000 miles to my final destination (Charlottesville). These 4000 miles have been filled with the highest of highs, and lowest of lows — and this roller coaster of emotions has finally settled as I find myself sitting in an apartment, eagerly awaiting to start my new job tomorrow.

These wide range of emotions certainly took a toll on me during the journey— pulling out the heavy camera body felt like picking up a heavy weight, cooking and cleaning became chores, driving an hour would feel like two, recording my thoughts and ideas…

Why do some people opt to live in a van? Remember that feeling we used to get when we would hide in boxes and build forts as kids? That’s how van life feels. Except every time you step out of that box, you’re somewhere new.

My trip odometer just ticked from 999 miles back to 0 miles, which means two things: to do an oil and filter change, but more importantly, to take some time to reflect on the journey thus far.

On dealing with the unknown/unexpected:

It’s certainly been quite a lifestyle change — from finishing up 9–5 internship at Nextdoor, to suddenly driving on a one lane highway with no idea where you’ll be sleeping. Will it be a random parking lot? A pullout on the side of the highway? Or if you’re lucky, on a beach or beneath the trees of a…

📍 Bobcat Creek Forest Road, Somewhere along the coast, OR

On September 1st, I departed San Francisco, CA to head for my post-graduate life in Charlottesville, VA. Over the course of four weeks, my dog Buster and I will be driving up North through Oregon and Washington to BC, inland to Alberta, then south through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado before heading east to our final destination. Now sharing a human sized kennel with a puppy certainly isn’t easy, but it’s already taught me a lot — that with lots of time, patience and of course, open roads, every step of the way can still be enjoyable. In 80 square feet…

A recap of my design workshop PennAppsXV.

UI vs. UX

If you’ve done any kind of research about software design, you’ve probably heard of the terms “UI” and “UX”. But what separates UI from UX?

At their most simple forms, UX design is what makes an interface useful, and UI design is what makes an interface beautiful. For UI, this includes a blend of visual hierarchy and interface elements. To understand what separates a great interface from a good interface, one must understand the UI design is merely just one layer of the entire design process. Perhaps this is why people often confuse UX and UI. …

Preface: This redesign challenge is part of the KPCB Design Fellows Application. I am not a designer at DoorDash.


The food delivery space is a saturated market of the on demand economy. Companies including DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and now UberEats and Amazon compete with one another to sign on and retain as many merchants, drivers, and users as they possibly can.

I’ve used Grubhub and Postmates before, but never DoorDash. As a result, I’m able to tackle this challenge with fresh eyes, having only used a few other on demand apps before.

In the following challenge, I focused primarily on…

Right before my Senior year at Penn started, I was on a two week vacation with a close friend to London, Amsterdam and Norway. We had planned the trip spontaneously, purchasing our tickets (using miles, thank god) only two weeks before our flight took off from JFK.

To leave Philadelphia behind for just two weeks was all I needed. Having never been to Europe, not only was I excited to experience the culture, the food, and meet new people, but to also gain a better understanding of how and why these specific parts of Europe function the way they do…

Jeff Wang

Founding Designer @learnmonthly. Previously @getstream @MojoTech @WillowtreeApps @KPCB Design Fellow @Nextdoor |

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