The Cleveland Ohio SEO Scene

New SEO on the scene in Cleveland OH! I arrived here in Cleveland about a month back when my wife accepted an offer from The Cleveland Clinic. Since then, I have been meeting people and getting to know the digital marketing scene in general, but more particularly SEO.

Photo credit: Jonathan Poston of “Cleveland OH” city profile

No SEO Meetup in Cleveland

One of the first things I noticed was that there is no SEO meet up group here in Cleveland. When I lived in Raleigh NC, the SEO meetup group there had over 3000 members. Today it is some 3400+. The SEO community there was super cutting edge. I have been asking around here, and it looks like the area could really use a similar gathering. I mean if there is a Cleveland Go Club (Wei qi) why not search engine optimization.

Something to think about! (*comment if you’re interested in helping to start one, host one, or simply attend)

Digital Marketing Professional Gatherings

I’ve connected with a number of area digital marketers on LinkedIn , and asked the question about where professional events are happening in Cleveland for digital marketers, and no one seems to have any leads, except saying that Content Marketing World happens here in CLE…but who wants to pay thousands of dollars to meet other SEOs? I would have like to have gone though, just because this field changes and evolves so fast, and content marketing is super, super hot right now.

This is the scoop I have so far, so I hope it is enough to get some comments flowing, and people meeting…tag me for coffee, tea, whatever, and let’s learn and network together!