Times are changing incredibly fast these days. We are facing a world that almost nobody could have ever predicted. In this uncertain new reality, our company is still hard at work bringing to life an idea sparked by three individuals two years ago. Przemek, Szymon and Mike initially envisioned Talent Alpha as a platform that could connect the demand for Talent in the IT space with a fantastic pool of specialists that sit in small and medium-sized organizations. In reality, these specialists are very often super-talented, hyper-engaged and very often are active in Open Source communities, creating solutions, giving talks…

Lately, when you’re attending a software development or an Agile conference, there is a chance that you will hear about something new that catches more and more attention — Event Storming. Very likely you’ve even seen some pictures of people sticking a huge number of orange post-it notes on a wall. Well, if you heard about it, I would love to share some news with you!

Last week I had an absolute pleasure to be a part of the first Event Storming Summit in Bologna. …

This article is a translation of my original story published in the Polish issue of the MyCompany magazine.

We live in the world, in which we describe everything using enormous volumes of data. It’s generated on an increasing amount of levels and ability to analyse it on the fly is crucial. All this so that companies and organisations can make better decisions based on real information.

As business owners or decision-makers, our news feeds bombard us with articles or presentations showing us the power of data analysis and the use of Artificial Intelligence in our operations and business processes. As…

Wojtek Ptak

I'm a guy fascinated by life, mountain sports, data analysis and machine learning, agile & lean, product development, while having fun in everything I do.

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