Critical thinking question of CCGL9011

  1. Why Youtube makes its users from volunteers to paid staff, which is against the world media developing trend?

Nowadays, most of the media companies such as CNN, BBC are trying to convert their paid staff into volunteers to catch more attention from the public. However, Youtube is working on paying some of the high-rated users to encourage more people to produce high-quality video. I think the reason is that the functions and nowaday condition of Youtube and other media are different. For the media like CNN, the main purpose is to deliver information, which is gradually losing the attention from public. On the other side, Youtube is a platform for the public to share something. Youtube has already owned a large amount of voluntary users and numerous videos. One of the things Youtube wants to improve is the video quality. As a result, Youtube company decides to pay some of the users whose videos are highly rated to encourage users to make more efforts on making high-quality video.

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