Design for Tension


This project is designed for the user to think about a topic that is relatively serious. We made a bot that can talk to the user that discuss gun control policies.

The users can interact with the bot both by choosing the options provided by the bot or by type in their own answers.

Design Phases


When we are trying to determine the topic, we chose a relatively more debatable topic: the gun control policy.

At first, our bot was quite simple. It asked the used whether they support the gun control policy or not. It then gives an opposite opinion to the user, and ask whether it changed their mind or not. After four opinions it surrounds to the user and ends the conversation.


We used FLOWOX to make our bot. Two flows were designed, the pro flow and the anti flow.

The pro-flow is the main flow. When the user interact with the bot, it will go through the pro-flow. When it reach to the question “Are you pro or anti”, it will trigger to the anti flow if the user choose “anti”.

User Testing

The users raised a problem that it confusion exists since the user might not fully understand gun control policy. It is actually saying that gun is not good and need to be controlled. Hence, we decided to add a brief introduction in the bot. If the user feel they do not have enough understanding of the topic, they can choose to learn more about the gun control policy.

Also, we made the easy response more interesting by making some of our arguments choices for the users.

Here is a demo video of our user testing.

Final Product

Our final product is a bot that can give the user information about gun control policies and debate with the user.

The user can choose from pro or anti side of gun policies.

Then the bot would provide an argument that is opposite to the user’s choose. The user have 2 choices to choose from: one is to agree with the bot and the other is not to.

Then the bot would ask the user if to continue. The user can type in their simple response.

If the user is convinced, the bot would end the conversation.


This project teaches me how to improve user experience by let the user think and read. The bot became much more interesting after it provides the user longer choices, and it makes the user gain something.