Club Officer List: What It Is About and How to Submit/Update It

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In Toastmasters International, a club’s officer list refers to the list of names and positions of the seven current club officers recognized by the World Headquarters (WHQ): President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant At Arms.


Submitting the officer list on time enables current club officers to access Club Central and partially fulfills the requirement of Goal #10 of the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

It also lets WHQ and the club’s district know who to contact for training, contests, etc.


The Secretary has the responsibility to do it, according to the Club Leadership Handbook. The President has the responsibility to make sure that his/her fellow board members fulfill their duties, including submitting the officer list on time.

However, any officers can do it, especially if the Secretary is unable to.


The officer list for a term needs to be submitted before the beginning of the term. Otherwise, the club will have no current officer list on file, and neither the outgoing or incoming officers will have access to Club Central. On-time submission is also required for DCP credit.

Clubs with annual officer terms: Submit by June 30 for the July-June term to retain Club Central access and to get DCP credit.

Clubs with semi-annual officer terms: Submit by June 30 for the July-December term and by December 31 for the January-June term to retain Club Central access. Submit on-time for at least one of the two terms to get DCP credit.

As a result, it makes sense to have a club officer election before the end of each term. If your club has annual officer terms, it is especially important that it meets the June 30 deadline, since it gets only one opportunity each year to meet this particular DCP requirement.

Submission opens about 1½ months before the deadline. You might want to submit as soon as possible. I find it helpful to submit right after the election so that I do not forget about it. In fact, officers can submit on their mobile devices, either at the meeting or on their way home.

If there are any changes to the officer during a term, e.g. an officer resigns and is replaced by another member, update the officer list as soon as possible.


I highly recommend that club officers submit or update their officer lists on Club Central whenever possible, although there are other ways.

Club Central

Step 1: Visit, click on “Leadership Central”, and click on “Club Central”. You might have to log in with the account information that Toastmasters International has sent you.

Note: Apparently, the Club Central is going through a transition. If you see a link that states “Return to the updated Club Central”, click on that before going to the next step.

Step 2: Select the club that you are updating officer information for.

Step 3: Select “Club Officer Assignment”.

Step 4: Make sure that “future” is highlighted (underlined) if you have held election in May/June or November/December for the next officer term and are entering these incoming officers’ names.

Step 5: Select the names of all your club officers. If one or more officer positions are vacant, you might not need to select a member for these positions. However, Toastmasters International requires that at any given time, your club has to have at least a President, a Secretary, and a Vice President (VP Education or VP Membership or VP Public Relations). They have to be three different members.

Step 6: Click on “Save”.

Step 7: When you see the message, “club officer roster … has been successfully updated”, then you have successfully updated your officer list.

Other Ways

WHQ require submissions or updates sent to them in writing, so they cannot take the list over the phone. E-mail or fax are acceptable from my experience. Any current club officers can send it. If there are no current officers on file, WHQ might accept submissions from immediate past officers.

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