Helping Cacao Farmers in Peru After the Flooding of Spring ‘17

In late March and into early April 2017 the north and central regions of Peru were rocked by the worst flooding in decades, caused by a seldom seen “coastal” El Niño that warmed the waters immediately off the northern coast of country to unprecedented levels. Torrential rains (ten times average precipitation levels) devastated urban and rural areas, destroying tens of thousands of homes, displacing hundreds of thousands of Peru’s poorest people, and creating a massive shortage of daily necessities (food, water, supplies).

The flooding, mudslides, land/harvest eradication, irrigation system failures, and road closures adversely affected many whom relied on agriculture as their main source of income and livelihood.

A campaign to support cacao farmers (cocoa bean exports are turned into chocolate) in the Tumbes and Piura River regions was set-up to send assistance to those most adversely affected by this disaster. The funds raised are currently being distributed to on-the-ground efforts within the APPROCAP (Asociación De Pequeños Productores De Cacao De Piura) & NORANDINO (Cooperativa Agraria Norandino) cacao cooperatives; both created proposals to determine what would ensure the most sensible and helpful means of restoring basic and larger scale necessities to the smallholder farmers and members of these cooperatives.

This initiative came to fruition through a community of cacao producers & craft chocolate makers and enthusiasts; catalyzed through “Well Tempered” an international community of cacao and chocolate professionals. At the helm of the project are: Lauren Heineck, founder of WKND Chocolate & host of the podcast and community Well Tempered, and Brian Horsley president of Marañón Chocolate and a full time resident of northern Peru. Funds were raised through a GoFundMe campaign that ran for 9 days and tallied a total of over $14,000 USD. With the assistance and collaboration of Brian on the ground at origin, 100% of the donations (sans processing fees) have and will continue to be personally delivered to the aforementioned cooperatives, and in some cases materials directly purchased and delivered by Mr. Horsley, aiding hundreds of individuals.

At this time, a portion of the total collected has gone to construction projects to reconstruct homes lost or damaged by the storms; galvanized metal roofing panels for instance will be needed to rebuild.

In the name of northern Peru’s cacao community, we are humbled by the response to this campaign and the outpouring of support through direct gifting, social media share, and word of mouth, and would like to send a heartfelt ‘gracias’ to our donors below. In a follow-up blog post, we will detail the influence and impact the campaign’s funds had on the communities it was committed to helping.

Thank you to:
Danta Chocolate (Carlos, Kenia, Mariana, Fabiola, Astrid, Ingrid, Reyna, Silvia & Jose Maria)
Meredith Bennett
Brian Horsley 
Michole Nicholson
Igor Van GerwenMary (Chip) Tautkus
Gabrielle Breault
Nancy Zamierowski 
Victoria Cooksey 
R. Peluso
Carter Brooking
Armin Untersteiner 
Karl Hogarth, Hogarth Chocolate
Charlotte Flower
Vigdis Rosenkilde 
Luke Owen Smith
Aida Reichert
Papi Carne 
Henrik Bodholdt, Maleku Chocolate
Juan Gonzalez, MABCO
Miles Masci 
Chocolate Tree 
Steven LePoidevin
Kit Goldman
Jasmine Lukuku
Dan Pearson
Roxanne Browning
Enrique Fernandez 
Batch Craft 
Merle Ferguson
Zehetbauer Bertram
Becks Cocoa Drinking Chocolates
Karine Guillemette, Miss Choco
Fiona Mays
Simeon Goldman
Yvonne Snyder-Kantar
Kirsten Lane
Maggie Miller
Chef Rubber
Suni Sullivan
Simran Sethi 
Adam Pearson
Marañón Chocolate
Nancy Curren
Mackenzie Rivers, Map Chocolate
Dawn Meader McCausland
Kim Rachmeler
Heather Mckechnie
Alexis Starkey
Rae Stang, Lucky Chocolates
Jami Wray
Barbara Miller
Steven Prickett, El Dora Chocolate
Jacqueline Jacek
Audrey & Leisa Ling
Jim Guilfoil
Kari Reichwald
Tyler Style 
William Mullan
Jou Lee
Christopher Elbow
Arnis Robeznieks
DonnaAnn Wilson
Hans Wildburger
Lynne & Zeke Haley, Sapphire Chocolates
Vicki Spacko
Luis Gonzalez
Lisa Berczel
Susie Cooke
Diana Mercer 
April Dery 
Alain J.P. Buthion 
Carol Morse, Acalli Chocolate 
Terese Weiss 
Pam Williams
Enna Grazier, Enna Chocolate
Katja Reitemeyer, Marin Munchies
Rich Rainbolt
Cheryl Street
Marloes Stokvis 
Jonas Hoekman
Suzannah Hoban
Franz Ziegler
Christine Blais, Palette de Bine
Tatiana Vorobej 
Clint Burkett
Walter C Miller
Laurent Thomas
Christina Majunke 
Carla Martin 
Lillie Belle Farms
Martin Lindsay
Elfi Maldonado, Qantu Chocolate 
Edward Dinkins 
Ann Czaja 
Anelisa Lauria, Chocolate Driven
Monika Bruzkova 
Deborah Hunt 
Isabella Geddes
Keren S. 
Maria Mora
Stephanie Bergsma 
Sander Wolf, Dallas Chocolate 
Jessica Ferraro, Bar Cacao 
Hugo Francisco Chavez Ayala, Agrofloresta Mesoamericana 
Valerie Beck, Chocolate Uplift 
Donna Goulet 
Martijn Seekles 
Hazel Lee 
Christopher Curtin, Éclat Chocolate
Estelle Tracy
Leah Middlebrook
Linda Long
Jules Estavolando 
Karen Bryant 
Tom Rogan, Good Now Farms
Maya Schoop-rutten, Chocolate Maya
Robin Goldman
Tanja Schwindt, The Chocolate Workshop
Julia Collins 
Tiziano Marinello 
Sue Harris
Jacob Marlin
Kathleen Gerace
Sharon Drucker 
the C-spot 
Callie Neylan, Bellflower Chocolate 
Aaron Kierbel
Roger von Rotz, Confiserie
Kirsten Tibballs 
Graeme Armstrong 
Jesus Pellejero Barrios
Zelia Frangioni 
Kirsten Tibballs
Karen Aigeldinger
Brett Roy
Shellie Meme
Madeline Weeks
Zak’s Chocolate 
Riadh Falvo
Sahara Amitai
Joan S. 
Patty Mullan
Cynthia Leung, Soma Chocolatemaker 
De Chocoladeverkopers
Matt Weyandt & Team at Xocolatl Chocolate
Barbara Bergman
WKND Chocolate

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