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Slow Growth is Good

I recognize that many creators out there simply will not grow as fast as others. And that’s ok. Growing as a creator depends on many factors, and unless a unique set of factors all line up perfectly for you, chances are the growth will be slower than some of the more famous creators who seemingly became famous overnight.

This is not saying that everyone should expect or desire slow growth. It very much depends on the situation. Some people are set up to grow fast. And I say, if you can grow an audience quickly as a creator, go for it! Run as fast as you can!

I think about Peter McKinnon, who grew from basically 0 to 2 million YouTube subscribers in just over a year. That is insanely fast growth and quite an anomaly. In his case, his channel was focused on a skill that he was confident in, and had a really solid foundation. He had already been a professional photographer and video editor for many years prior to focusing on YouTube Creation.

Or my friend and fellow #nosmallcreator, Cody Wanner, who grew from 0 to over 30000 subscribers in 7 months. He has been uploading videos daily since January 1 this year, and creates what he loves to create. He has said that his foundation for growth was built while creating, so if you are hesitating to start because you’re not sure if you’re ready. Just start, and you’ll get ready along the way.

I’m not just talking about YouTube creators. I also think about people who start businesses. Some people grow a business over the course of decades, but it is slow and steady growth, which is really healthy for them. Others, and I think of Elon Musk, grow a business to being worth billions of dollars in a decade or less.

There are very valid and important reasons for different speeds of growth. But, lets talk about you specifically.

Ask yourself some questions. If you need to grab a pencil and paper, feel free to pause this podcast now. Alternatively, you can head over to my Medium account and you can read the notes there. Just search for my name on

Here are the questions I want you to consider:

Why are you creating?

Do you want to build a business from what you’re creating? Do you hope to make money on the side? Or do you create as a way of relaxing and taking a break from your daily work?

What sort of foundation do you have? I will be talking more about this in tomorrow’s episode. But, in short, think about how much creating have you been doing prior to today? Do you create every day? Do you have time to create every day? How sharpened are your skills at your craft? This is about knowing yourself and what you truly enjoy doing.

What is your motivation for growth? Money? Fame? Be honest with yourself. If you are doing it for money or fame, that’s fine, but realize that these things come at a cost, and that cost is your entire life. People who are wealthy or famous have no life except what they are doing to gain that money or fame.

How do you spend your leisure time? Do you value your quiet evenings, with a glass of wine and a movie? Chances are, you are set up for slow growth in that case. And that’s just fine! If that is your vision of a good life, and you create as a way to have fun and try new things, I’m just pumped you found something you love! Building a creative business requires giving up some of those leisure activities and making some hard decisions about how you will spend your time. Even more so if you want to grow quickly.

I believe it is good to grow slowly, and I want to validate you if you have the mindset. Please, don’t grow faster than you are capable of. It is so important to know yourself and grow at the speed you are capable of.

One last thing. I also want to challenge you to push yourself just a little bit at a time. Test your limits and make sure you’re not taking it slow just because you are afraid to take a risk. Fear is never a good reason not to do something.