Key Digital Marketing Trends of 2014

Jaakko Iso-Järvenpää sharing his insights with the W Kollective members

What will be hot in Digital Marketing this year…

The idea for the first event in 2014 came from the helpful suggestions of W Kollective members during our many socials at the end of December.

Given that the grass roots of the W Kollective community started in digital, it was the perfect topic to kick-off the year.

Despite the obstacles…

Where to begin? This was a challenging week as the guys and girls of TFL decided to follow the lead of Mr. Bob Crow. Everything except the driverless train DLR and a few stations were open in London. The city settled into utter chaos.

Our venue changed location due to these last minute alterations, and Old Street station was rumoured to be affected. Many alternative routes were suggested to our members who had booked their tickets to this highly anticipated event.

Our first event was a great success!

We had a great turnout at Makers Academy, despite the weather and tube strike creating havoc.

Some members were first timers at W Kollective and absolutely enjoyed the presentation by Jaakko. Here is a short recap:

1. Content = Marketing. The Rise of Video

Content drives commerce.

a. Invest in video in 2014

b. Differentiate short and long form of content

c. Try Pecha Kucha for short form presentation

2. Everything is a portal. Multi-screening is the reality

From screen based to omnichannel reality

a. The purchase funnel is no more

b. Mobile as a connector between everything and you

c. Study Systems Thinking

3. From impulse to action. Interactive content become reality

Interactive content allows discovery

a. Everything everywhere commerce — impulse into action

b. Content re-defined — which sense comes next!

c. Read about Design Thinking

What’s next?

Monday 3rd March — How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y Millennials

Learn about consumer psychology and the behaviour of Gen Y Millennials, and how this knowledge helps cool brands stay hot. This is expected to be a popular event, which will be presented by Joeri Van den Bergh — an award-winning author of the book How Cool Brands Stay Hot with a client list that includes the likes of Lego, Sony and MTV Networks.

Book your place on Meetup here.

You can also book through Eventbrite here.

Note: Our limited number of early-bird tickets will only be available until the week before the event.

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