Sherwin-Williams Super Sale!

This advertisement is both trying to promote the store, Sherwin-Williams, and its sale, and is trying to sell paints and stains. The product is simple, paint that can be used to paint anywhere from your bedroom to your bathroom. The biggest message the commercial sends across is that from October 16 to October 19, there will be a 4 day sale where you can buy paint for up to 40% off. The commercial does not try to promote the store’s paint as being better than it’s competitors, rather it is just promoting the sale in hope to attract costumers.

The key advertising appeal that appears in this commercial is the need to achieve. By using words such as “super” in front of sale and by only having the sale for 4 short days, customers will be attracted to this deal. The need to achieve is based around the fact that people want to feel like they accomplished something. When a customer buys paint for 40% off in a SUPER sale, they feel accomplished. It would almost be a waste of money to not buy paint for 40% off. The repeated use of the words “super” and “sale” reinforces the idea to consumers that if they buy paint from Sherwin-Williams, they will have saved a great deal of money. Saving a lot of money is a win.

This advertisement is pretty effective. In 16 seconds, the commercial was able to explain what the product is(paint) and what store is selling this product. The commercial is also based around the whole sale the store is having and the repeated use of the words “sale” really drives that home. I know after seeing this advertisement, if I were to buy paint from Sherwin-Williams, I would feel good because I saved a lot of money.