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Bet this helps those with preexisting conditions more than Obamacare which is collapsing but it’s a far cry from what we should do.

I think it may help people with preexisting conditions. I am on Obamacare and could not work for a very long time. Getting back to work, looks like I would have to pay 20k annually in premiums with a near 15k out of pocket maximum (deductibles, coinsurance and copay) and so near term, will probably just go without insurance unless something better crops up.

The bill has 130 billion over a period of time to assist with new programs for those with preexisting conditions. Now, I agree their plan sucks. So does Obamacare which is collapsing. We need a smarter plan but don’t pretend Obamacare was working because it wasn’t.

Check this idea out.

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