Very interesting idea, I look forward to reading the entire series.
Peter Loge

Thanks for checking it out. My feeling on the politics and potential for bipartisanship is this could work.

This guarantees everyone’s health care even more than single payer. If the democrats want universal health care, then this should work for them.

It lowers premiums and is the cheapest way to do point 1. Trump said he wanted everyone covered. Well this does that, and guys like Ted Cruz say they want a plan that lowers premiums. Does that too.

And it begins to restore a dysfunctional market to a functioning one. That ought to appeal to everyone if they really understand the distortions in the market currently. So you have the marriage of universal health care with market mechanisms, patient and provider centered and all that.

It even takes the negative of people taking risks by not having insurance and turns that into a positive. The more that do that and rely on the loan program and make interest payments, the more funds subsidize those with preexisting conditions. In other words, there is a greater pool within the program but no one is buying insurance, just paying bills.

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