I’m not denying that the postwar landscape gave us a huge economic advantage in the ’50s.
Mike Vago

That’s not what really happened. First, FDR just expanded Hoover’s interventionism. Both stalled economic progress for a long time. FDR started moving away from the New Deal actually before WWII.

Bet you don’t realize FDR ran on a campaign to cut spending and social programs,balance the budget and said Hoover was bankrupting the country by spending so much….But FDR did the opposite. Just an interesting tidbit.

And you forget that the years of median income rising dovetailed with severe restrictions on immigration. Reagan compromised with the democrats and passed amnesty. So of course, bringing in cheaper competition depresses wages. Happing in the Tech and STEM world as well as the large, uber-liberal multinationals bring in so much cheaper labor to displace Americans or depress their wages and boost corporate profits. That’s democrats doing that, mind you. Most of the biggest corporations are hardcore liberal democrat.

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