Email Marketing

I recently received a marketing email from Sephora. I was having a quick lunch by myself and randomly checked my mail box and got noticed with this piece of email. The timing was great because usually I was too busy to open the advertising email. But during lunch time, I had time and patience to have a look in it.

Here is the title.

It was quite personalized, with my name on it, and felt like talking to an old friend, tempting me to open it. The adjective words like “holy grail” it used were a little bit exaggerated, which strengthened my curiosity.

Here is the content.

Although it was a regular promotion for Sephora’s products, it was very clever. It didn’t directly promote one specific product; instead, encouraged you to spend money by giving out free sample with a minimum purchase. “Free with $25 purchase” made me feel like I have to buy it; otherwise, it would be a regret!

In overall, the layout was good. It looked comfortable and precise. The responsive design was also good, with large-sized words “SHOP TO REDEEM”. I clearly knew how to do next.

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