I recently encountered problems while trying to deploy an application on a server running WHM/cPanel.

Once the files are copied to the server, we need to make sure all Node dependencies are installed for the project using npm install. …

Don’t be blind to the needed storage size for any project.

Recently, I have encountered a problem that I have not seen for a long time. When running Web application or sites, disk storage can become a problem through time. When developing my lover’s Website a year ago, I have configured a Bitnami Wordpress EC2 t2.micro …

Pair programming and remote collaboration for when you work from home

TLDR; You can install VS Code Live Share extension pack to enable great collaborating tools within Visual Studio Code. Enable the Slack integration and the Live Share Audio to communicate with others.

Pair programming and remote collaboration

Do you work from home and would you like to learn how to better collaborate with other developers…

How to disable CORS policies while developing locally with Chromium Web browser

When developing applications that communicate together, REST APIs and Single-Page applications (SPA) for example, it happens that AJAX requests fail and are blocked by Chrome Web browser security policies.

A sample error shown in the console :

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Full-Stack Web Developer. Enthusiast Helper. Freelancer for 7 years, now having fun working at Centiva. Specialized in Laravel PHP, AWS Cloud and cartwheeling.

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