Social Media Show & Tell

The three things that were eye opening to me at this Show & Tell event were the use of hashtags, discussing politics and religion on the social media platform, and if the amount of followers are important for your social media page. Hashtags are extremely valuable when it comes to the discover-ability of your page. The use of hashtags for your product can make it more discoverable to the consumers and make them draw interest to your product that they might not know about. Another interesting comment made was the Facebook will be all videos in a couple of years. As we have developed into a more visual society it is important that social media keeps up and there is no better way than using video as well as live video to translate a message. Another valuable message I learned from this event is knowing your audience that you are speaking to. For example they talked about politics and religion and if it should be talked about on your page or podcasts and it is all dependent on your audience. If your audience is receptive to your views on religion and politics then you can voice your opinion and let them talk back. Another question that arose from discussion with the social media moguls was if the amount of followers was important. For Tim Schmoyer, eyeballs are views so he wants as many followers as he can get for his YouTube channel. However for others, it is about the quality of content that is important. It is not necessarily as important to have a large amount of followers as it is to have a smaller amount of followers that care about your message and represent your brand as a whole. In totality, I learned that you need to be yourself and be ambitious in what you want to achieve. If you firmly believe in what you are producing is good work and you care about it then the followers will begin to add up.

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