A Humble Thank You
Linden Tibbets

maybe it is my fault , but every time i try to use ifttt, it won;t do it.


2 days ago

i asked ‘where can i get an alert that netflix just got [or always had] The Americans latest season?’

i go try to do that in ifttt, impossible..

sorry i just have 2 college degrees and program stuff every day

i’m sure it is my fault

all i could ever successfully do it have it send me an email every hour so i can see how bad yahoo mail is today

i guess it is my fault for not having a light bulb that can change colors for $100, or a freaking NEST, or wanting to know that the sta*bucks i am walking by has muffins on sale

now the whole platform seems to be based on phone apps, or something, even the old, bad way to try to do things is gone, with something else i don;t want, in its place.