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Thanks, Omar, both for reading and for the ad hominem attack; though I would prefer a critique of the actual content so I might be enlightened and convinced of a different way of thinking by the “ baseball aficionados like [you] who care enough about the game to call [me]on [my] bullshit in public.” By the way, there is really no “calling out” to be done. This was publicly published — I put it out there — and all are welcome to disagree.

As for the straw man, the numbers are scalable. That the stats themselves are inconceivable (yes, that’s how you spell that — you’re welcome) to you does not make them impossible. While they may be improbable, it was not an example of what a given player might do, but an illustration of the inherently flawed properties (the common fabric of most advanced metrics) of OPS, so I’m fairly certain it speaks directly to sabermetrics. I’m curious as to what you think my premise is (hint: It’s in the previous sentence — see if you can spot it).

You should check out my post “The Fog of WAR.” I’m sure you will have a field day with it.

Again, thanks for reading.