Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Thank you so much for saying openly what many Labour supporters fear …. and you do it because you GENUINELY CARE abot the wellbeing of the Labour Party and put it as absolute priority; before any personal preferences over Labour leadership.

This is the biggest failure of Corbyn — he puts himself first and thinks HE is the Labour Party; that without him it doesn’t have a right to exist anymore.

He is so blinded in his fight for survival, that he will take the Labour party with him down if need be.

So unbelievably selfish, short-sighted and ultimately doomed to failure stand.

The sad part is, this has been Labour Party’s unique chance to make history and instead Corbyn has turned it into MONUMENTAL FAILURES.

In Brexit campaign he FAILED to stand up for REMAIN, which could give credit for winning the vote in; instead he gets the stinking odium of being complicit in taking the UK out of the EU.

He said he will not lower himself to stand and support Cameron (as the one who led the REMAIN campaign), but instead aligned himself ultimately with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Yes, they are so much butter than Cameron :-))))

I recommend you read an article which appeared in the Economist BEFORE the vote: “Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur” (

After Brexit came a historical chance for Labour to reclaim power … but the Party has been since then destroyed from the inside by the same SABOTEUR …

I am neither pro or against Labour Party.

But I clearly see a desperate loser here……

A pitiful, poor small man with a chip on his shoulder who strives to enter history as the biggest political failure …………

Jeremy Corbyn, who will be remembered as tragicomical actor, who single handedly destroyed the Labour Party.

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