I want to do your Dirty Digital Job!

Ever since I became involved with ShopBot about 20 years ago I’ve been fascinated by the potential of these sorts of digital tools to change how the things we need in our everyday lives are made. That’s the reason that Ted Hall and I founded the 100kGarages fabrication network…to try to help move the idea of local, distributed manufacturing along. We are all, in our own small way, slowly changing the world by changing the way we make and get our “stuff”

Some upcoming events and the shops I’ll be working in this year

I want to see first-hand just how that’s happening, so this year during my travels around the country for ShopBot I want to come to your shop and help out for a couple of hours, to experience not only what you do but how you do it. At ShopBot we love getting pictures of the “output” of ShopBots and other digital tools and some of it is really amazing, but the “process” is as interesting to me as the final product.

A sampling of projects I’ve worked on.

I’m afraid I don’t have what anyone would really call a resume or a job title for that matter, but have done a pretty wide variety of things with just about every variant of ShopBot. From cutting circuit boards and making skateboards to fabricating boats and furniture and houses. If you’re lucky I might have some digital fabrication insights about what you do, but as a boat carpenter in a previous life (a trade sometimes described as being a “professional sander”), I also have a pretty varied analog skillset. And opinions…I’ve got lots of them! I may or may not really be much help with things digital, but if not I’m a world class sweeper and a sanding savant so as long as you have coffee I’ll be happy to do whatever you need.

What’s in it for you? While I’m hard at work I’ll also be taking pictures and blogging about your business and what you do. You’ll get a little publicity and someone to boss around for a little while that you don’t have to pay.

If you have a business, large or small, that utilizes a ShopBot (and maybe some other digital tools too?) as an integral part of the manufacturing process, drop me a line at info@shopbottools.com and tell me a little about you and what you do. If I can fit a visit into my upcoming travel plans I’ll add you to my route. I can’t promise that it will be productive, but be assured that it’ll be fun.