One Sojourn in Time

I was wandering down this idyll path yesterday. It’s the same path (or was it the day before) I’ve meandered down many times before, so it’s very familiar to me; certainly can’t get lost here, can I? The path, though well worn, is not rutted and rocky and only has a slight up and down grade. So, while it’s sunny, it’s not overly warm causing me to perspire because of the effort in walking.

Occasionally, there is a giant Oak tree on the side of the path that offers a brief respite from my stroll, and I enjoy a moment or two sitting quietly beneath it’s rustling branches. It’s here that I take the opportunity to reflect on my progress and ponder what the future holds for the day. There are sporadic intersections with the opportunity to go off the “beaten path” and occasionally I’ll brave one of these.

When I do, everything seems almost familiar, but somehow seems cloudy and vague until I’ve gone a little further. Then it’s “oh yeah, now I see”, or “holy shit, not this again!”, as if reliving a scene from my past that I enjoy or surviving a scene that I’d just as soon forget.

So it is with my memories. They can play tricks on me when they’re not spot on, and even when I think they may be, they can be quite a bit off from the truth of the circumstance in the memory. I was a “bit” of a drinker in my younger days; and a brawler. I’d fight at the drop of a hat, especially after a drink or two, or three….. So one might not wonder too much as to why some of my memories may be “selective”?

None the less, all of the experiences that I have had have left their collective imprints on my being, and therefore my memories. We can’t live in the past but we can gather valuable lessons from both our glories and our regrets. So it is as I stroll down this idyllic path; I revel in the “glories” that I’ve had, rue my mistakes, and pray that I’m at least a little better than when I started.

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