Over the last decade I have been redesigning my life to do work that is meaningful to me. I did it by experiment. I tried many things, and deleted, erased stuff that didn’t fit. With no remorse but with trepidation. It costed me almost everything that society prizes.

Recently, I…

Georg Nees

One of the most mysterious things about new technology is that over time we forget how it was to live without it.

Ask people born in this millennium to imagine living without the Internet. What would they struggle with? Finding facts? Keeping in touch? Or, if you are slightly older…

Still from Project2501

Do humans dream of android children?

I bet that if we summarised all the things we ask of Siri, Alexa, all the bots and other „learning machines”, what would emerge is an image of humans being in quite a demanding mood.

„Alexa turn on the lights”, „Siri, call my wife”, „Chatbot423, order pizza”…, “Google, will it…

Strategy is sometimes equated with something conceptual and separate to action. The language that describes it is full of cerebral words such as “thinking”, “logic”, “plan”. This is in contrast to seemingly different world of implementation, where we talk “doing”, “effectiveness”, “process”. …

I have a superpower. I make complex things simple.

Some people read. Some people write.

I doodle, sketch, draw. Whatever is in my head. Out it comes onto the paper.

Why is this a superpower you ask?

You see, we can know more than we can tell.

We know more…

Sketch for picture XVI The Great Tower of Kiev. Wassily Kandinsky, 1924

Constantly changing environment requires more and more organisations to re-invent themselves. It’s a mistake to assume that it doesn’t affect leaders and teams on a personal level.

“What business are we actually in?” — I heard the CEO of a large manufacturing company ask this question of his team in the middle of a workshop. It was the beginning of a strategy review which would take them into completely new territories. …

Wojtek Materka

I help leaders develop and thrive in face of complex problems. Management prof @insead. [http://www.materka.me]

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