Don’t feel ashamed that your parents are to blame.

Headaches… there the worst, right? The wave of nausea, the sensitivity to light, the head throbbing. It feels like your head is constantly being kicked, we’ve all had that feeling and a lot of the time it’s caused by stress. College students have become very familiar with this pain as it follows them like a heavy brick being carried on their heads. How are these headaches triggered you may wonder, well it’s not a surprise that college students have a lot things to do and are always busy, there isn’t enough time in a day for college students to get everything done. You have classes, homework, studying for finals and midterms, jobs, clubs, and those are just a few of the things. But all these responsibilities and priorities can lead to stress, especially coming out of high school in my case I was so unprepared and I felt like I was just body slam with so much stuff that I didn’t know how to handle it and where I could find help. With all this being said, imagine having your parents breathing down your neck about you getting good grades and declaring a major that they will approve of. If you’re lucky and your parents do approve your major then cu dose to you, because many of us are still trying to persuade our parents to approve ours. So, while students are carrying this heavy brick on their heads, the weight gets even heavier with the burden of their parents. 
There’s an outstanding number of first generation students who experience this burden even before college. Parents who immigrate to America don’t completely understand the culture, like many they think inside the box, that your meant to go to college to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer or any job that has a high-paying income. So, they instill this mindset inside of the heads of their easily influential children, and as they grow older some students feel as though they must follow their parent’s commands because they have become accustom to that mindset that was instilled in them so much so that it becomes their reality, while others are more rebellious and choose to take their own path and break through the barriers of the box and begin to live outside of it. Many students want to be rebellious and follow their passion, but that comes with consequences because not only will you become a disappointment to your family, but you will also bring shame to yourself from your community which will reflect bad on your family as well. Therefore, students cowardly crawl themselves right back in the box because they are afraid of this type of after math, and this, my fellow college students begins the development pressure. 
Moreover, combining the stress of college and the pressure of parents, it can be a huge mental strain. Study shows that there is an increasing rate of students experiencing mental illnesses due to the college atmosphere, such as depression, anxiety, and even suicide. With this in mind, students need more support than ever, therefore parents need to be better informed of this and how they can help decrease the amount by giving they’re child space to breathe and rather than throwing commands at them, listen to them with an open-mind and caring attitude.
 Given the circumstances, college students just want to feel accepted by their parents, no matter what they want to pursue as a career. And parents can be stubborn and still try to hold on to that traditional way of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. As college students, we have to demonstrate to our parents that success is not based off the wage of income, but by being content with waking up each morning to a job that doesn’t feel like an actual job.

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