Exploring Existing Brand Constraints & Shipping New Designs


To explore a problem/area of opportunity for an existing brand, of which our group chose the iOS app, Moment, which automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone each day.

The existing logo Moment.

Product Management | Agile | Sprint Planning (MVP) | Scrum/ScrumMaster | Asana | Screener Survey (Google Forms) | User Interviews | Google’s HEART Framework | Competitive Analysis | Heuristic Analysis | User Flows | User Journeys | Dot Voting | Decision Matrix | Usability Testing | Paper Prototyping | Sketch | InVision

The project lasted two weeks, working with a team of four for the duration. We spent the first…

A Responsive Redesign of REI’s Mobile Browsing


To a create responsive web redesign for REI’s existing e-commerce site, that takes a user from entry point to a possible solution.

Contextual Inquiry | Screener Survey (Google Forms) | Competitive/Comparative Analysis | Heuristic Analysis | Sitemap Creation | Card Sorting (OptimalSort) | Task & User Flows | User Journeys | Usability Testing | Sketch | InVision

The project was broken down into two weeks. Working with a team of four, the first week focused on augmenting the research phase of the design process. …


We are now into our second project of GA’s UXDI course, however it’s our FIRST collaborative one. In this unit I worked as part of a team, consisting of myself plus three of my peers! Apart from learning how to cohesively work as a small team, the four of us were tasked with integrating a new feature into an already existing app; the app we were assigned to redesign was letgo. …


As my a new student in General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI) course, what you’ll soon be reading are the processes, story and results from my very first assignment! Project 1 was to create an app designed around an assigned topic – mine was: food. This was also an individual project, so I was the lead on, well… everything! The assignment itself was rather brief and very broad, so I took a few deep breaths and hit the design process running.

Problem Statement

I’m tempted to give you this right off the bat, primarily to provide context, but I didn’t figure…

Will Cruthers

User Experience Designer | Connector & Collaborator

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