Why I Became Intentionally Homeless in San Francisco
Kristin Hanes

I too gave up conventional living and am now “homeless”. Sold my house after divorce, deeply in debt with credit rating below awful. Bought a very nice motor coach (45'L x 8–1/2'W) that is bigger than most apartments in San Francisco. Since doing so I noticed not only are a good number of people also living in RVs, but also they are sleeping in their cars. Many have been full-time RVers for almost a decade. My biggest issues are finding places to park without getting ticketed or tagged (graffiti) or run off, and finding places to refill with water/empty my sanitation tank. The RV parks are ridiculous, some wanting over $2,000 a month for a space to get access to water, sewage, and 50-Amps of electricity. That is more than my mortgage was!

Regarding the truly homeless, I think it would benefit everyone if they can be given a place to shower, sleep, and safely store some personal items while undergoing some job training program to help them get back on their feet. They can be given a debit card that can only be used in certain stores for clothing and food. Those that are suffering from mental illness or addiction should be treated. Diverting money from the CA prison system should help pay for some if not all of this.

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