Eureka! it worked!

Its been a while since I penned something and my loyal fans are asking, why? Here I go……I have been quite busy and travelled a little (can’t contain my excitement).

In my first article foolproof-formula, I talked about my struggle with anxiety and to be particular catastrophizing and how to overcome it. Part of the coping mechanism is controlling the thought process which was quite a task as I was risk averse and could avoid adventures. Long story short, an opportunity arose to travel from Nairobi to Kigali by bus and I did not hestitate nor did I calculate the risks involved. I packed my bags and grabbed my passport ready for the Kigali experience.

Before dropping me at the bus terminus, my boyfriend asked “are you anxious about the journey” and I quickly responded “ am more worried about being left by the bus”. I could see the shock on his face considering he fully understands my anxiety issues. During the bus ride and the several stops at the borders all I could think about is the great experiences ahead.

My dear fans, I travelled over 2,000 kms without a point of panic or negative thinking. That was quite a milestone. My stay in Kigali was beautiful and I met friends from all over the world. Another milestone, I explored a large part of the city using the local transport systems. Those who know me better can tell, I could have opted to stay in the hotel premises and used cabs to explore. I went to the local market, interracted with the friendly locals and partied for nights. I danced my feet sore, sampled great delicacies, made new friends and most of all my mind was free from over thinking.

I listened to lots of music as we traversed countries and its true that music soothes the soul. I also watched movies and talked to people in the bus. At some point, I made friends with a young boy travelling in our bus, who had quite an appetite and he kept coming to get biscuits from me. On my way back, I slept most of the time and there was no room for overthinking.

If a steaming hot potato fell in your hands you would get it off you as soon as you could. Do the same with negative destructive thoughts- just release them as fast as you can.- John Assaraf

The mind is a powerful thing, it can convert fear to courage and you hold the remote control. It feels good to be in control of my thoughts and the benefits are so good.