We can talk about this topic in two different perspectives

1. Artificial intelligence in chess

2. Artificial intelligence with chess thinking

Let’s talk about chess in first perspective. Actual chess began in India about long time ago. After that there were many chess masters and professionals all around the world. Natural intelligence conquers the chess world 100% till recent. Then revolutionized artificial intelligence entered into the game and began to dominate natural intelligence. In 1997, Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer, beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a six-game series. In 2017, Google’s AlphaZero routed Stockfish, the world’s best chess…

A. Introduction

Project helps entrepreneur to specify restaurants with Indian cuisine.He/She wants to begin a Italian restaurant in New York. Not only in business perspective but also in various perspectives,New York is a resourceful center of everything.Tourist attraction to New York is a source of income of New York.My client helps to join this stream to rise up in economic world.Taking decisions depend on the huge amount of customer preferences(data) is not easy task.It’s my job to identify whether there is a suitable environment for start-up!

First things first!Number one to identify targeted groups.Mostly,Indian food are consumed by certain group…

AI and machine learning

AI which is known as “Artificial Intelligence” and Machine learning are well-fluent terms in this digital society. In the late 20th century, artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts began to improve its’ status. Simply, artificial intelligence defined as the study of how to train digital devices to human activities better than human. Machine learning defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills which is a subset of AI. There may be various definitions for these terms. But, these terms able to create a strong digital culture in this digital era. …

A classical Computing approach which uses a stream of electrical or optical pulses representing 1s and 0s was conquering the digital word till recently. But game-changing computing approach which began in the early 1980s’ became a trending topic in the digital world. Early computing process able to send a tweet, play video, play a game or do streaming and following orders from humans up to very little limit. But this quantum computing, which depends on qubits able to empower the supercomputers to do serious calculations and other stuff. What is the qubit? How this works? What are the uses? …

third world demonstration of Mandelbrot set.

Generally, the world divides into two parts called real world and the imaginary world. Real world exists as trees, forests, rivers, animals which illustrate natural world and buildings, homes, towns which illustrate human made world. Not only the earth but also whole universe can be extended under natural world. As the real world is defined according to the above facts, imaginary world can be described in many perspectives .In psychological way, imaginary world can be illustrated as a flow of thoughts in the brain. This article describes how we can see the imaginary world through the mathematical perspective.

Typically, in…

Vidura Wijekoon

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