Requiring modules in Node.js: Everything you need to know
Samer Buna

First, -thank you for sharing your insight.

I have an application that needs to download npm packages at run-time. This has all worked fine, until we deployed the application as a *snap* to Ubuntu Core. This left the original app on a write protected area, and all run-time installed packages in the home directory (~/home/use/node_modules). And this was where the issues came :(

As I wanted to leave the application as is (as much as possible), I didn’t want to create my own require method, but just adding the path to the home directory when starting the application.

The original application was then able to load the run-time installed packages, but those packages were not able to find other packages anywhere (not in it’s own node_modules folder, nor in the root).

I think I get the same issue (symptoms are the same) if I try to require a package from a different part of the disk, after added the path to the process.env.NODE_PATH variable.

Q: Is there a better (working) way to solve this, without overriding the require method?

Again, Thank you

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