The Grand Vision of a Crypto-Tech Economy

WIlliam Mougayar at Steemfest, Amsterdam November 2016

Last week, on November 12th, I made a presentation at Steemfest in Amsterdam, titled The Grand Vision of a Crypto-Tech Economy.

In the presentation, I talked about the greater context surrounding what is happening with Steemit and its underlying technology based on Steem. This context is that we are in the early formation days of a new crypto-Tech economy, not unlike the web economy in terms of its potential on innovation and wealth creation.

  • What is that greater context in which Steem fits perfectly?
  • What are the conditions for success?
  • What does this new value chain look like?

Some of the points I make during this presentation build on my previous thoughts regarding a blockchain-based circular economy and the changing nature of venture capital with the advent of token-based funding:

  • The Steem blockchain is an environment for building a circular economy.
  • The crypto-tech economy will be bigger than the web economy.
  • Crypto-currencies are fundamentally changing the way we work and get compensated.
  • Steemit is great because the users don’t need to know about the Blockchain.
  • The circular economy works like this: Work is done, It creates value, Tokens are earned, Tokens can be spent on services internally, or tokens can be exchanges externally via external market relationships.
  • Think of tokens as just a means to an end. A coin or token can come at any time during the business success lifecycle.
  • Tokens and crowd sales are disrupting venture capital in more ways than one.
  • Steem’s value lies in the strength of its ecosystem, number of users, and brand.

And here are the slides, from Slideshare:

(The original version of this post appeared on StartupManagement)

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