Businesses and companies all around the world desire to make their products or services known, and the social media has helped in making it possible, however, some have also abused the platform and used for negative reasons, including posting false reviews about products and businesses. These false reviews have contributed to creating false impressions and also causing damages to the reputation of these businesses. Users are not left out too, as most of them do not get value for their reviews, and as such are not encouraged to do more.

The WMPRO system which is blockchain based was created to correct the irregularities in the referral marketing industry. The global platform has the ability to help companies and businesses known for distributing services and products, interact with others, through a certification system that is global, cannot be manipulated, and unique. These businesses and companies will get rated by users on the network using fairness and transparency as the primary criteria. This platform will function as a social network that will reward the users whenever verified data is uploaded to the network, and there are more benefits with advancement in rating levels of the user.

The Eucleia platform comes with different benefits, including:

• Immutability

Members of the networks are representatives of the credibility of data, hence, the blockchain cannot be changed, as any attempt by one or a few to change the blockchain, will be rejected by the other members of the community.


Unlike most other blockchain based systems, every operation recorded on the blockchain network can be accessed by anyone.


Anybody can lay claim to the ownership of data or an address, as long as there is proof of ownership. However, there is anonymity with the addresses, which is due to the fact that it is not possible to know the true identity of an individual through the address, and this is a contributory factor to the high level of privacy on the platform.

• Irreversibility

As with everything that goes on the blockchain, there is no reversibility of data, as it is immutable.

• Decentralization

The absence of a central authority and 3rd parties automatically eliminates the need for an intermediary to carry out decisions for users, hence chargebacks are impossible with transactions and data on the network,

• Security

Security of identities and addresses of users on the network is important, and the platform has security structures in place to ensure that fraudulent transactions cannot happen, including prevention of access to data for alteration.

• Low Cost

Transactions using the blockchain technology are relatively cheap compared to using fiat currencies and traditional banking systems. On the platform, data acquisitions and transfers are carried out with very little transaction fees.


Users of the platform will get rewarded for uploading data, and the more quality data they provide, the higher their ranking which in turn will be a factor to consider for companies and other users wanting reviews.

No doubt about the numerous benefits that come with using the WMPRO, as it will be a game-changer in the referral marketing industry.