When the internet was created, its basic function was as a platform where people could share and exchange information with each other across the world. Then social media started becoming a popular part of the internet, and in no time billions of people were on the internet for one purpose or the other. Businesses soon began to use the social media as channels for marketing their services and products, and it has proven to be a very successful means of marketing.

Many individuals today do not just go to the market or online store to purchase a product or service, first, they check the internet for different reviews about a product or service, and then make their decisions based on either the positivity or negativity of the reviews. Businesses and companies are aware of these reviews, and in a competitive manner, some have resorted to having fake reviews posted to discredit their competitors or fake reviews to exaggerate their products or services. With the fake reviews going on all over the internet, it has become difficult for people to make decisions about making purchases which have, in turn, contributed to the stunted growth of some businesses.

The referral market may be a very effective market, especially on social media, however, using of social media indiscriminately has made it very easy for the spread of unverified information, which in turn is detrimental to the functionality of the business.

WMPRO was created to bring change to the referral market community, and being a blockchain-based platform, it has the ability to achieve this among other services. By using the Eucleia platform, businesses will use the global platform for solving its word-of-mouth marketing problems in different, areas including network marketing, referral marketing, e-commerce, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. With the irregularities happening on social media, there is the need for a way to have real reviews that are inviolable, secure, verified and certified. Information about businesses and companies on the Eucleia platform is transparent, while the users responsible for uploading the reviews will be certified based on their credibility. The more ranking a company or business gets, the more popular it becomes, and hence the reputation of the company or business will be one with positive values. The platform will totally eliminate any form of interferences or alterations by 3rd parties, which invariably means that the reputation of any business will be totally dependent on the reviews of the members of the WMPRO community. Referral services on the platform will be paid for via the WMPRO coin which will also function as a value coin, whose value will increase based on the principles of demand and supply.

The platform was created for professionals, customers, companies and businesses, to make it possible to get the much-needed marketing, and also to assist in making the right decisions when going through reviews, essential for buying the right product.

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