Time for another proper introduction, this time it is Pete Yelland-Brown aka PYB.

Name: Pete Yelland-Brown, a.k.a. PYB.

Start date with WMP: July 2014

First impressions of WMP:

Friendly- just a really warm and welcoming group of people, I felt comfortable early on.

What does your role involve at WMP:

I work part-time as a composer and sound-designer.

Favourite project so far:

This is a hard one to answer because I’ve loved working on so many…I’ll go for the ‘Forced Marriage Cops’ documentary. It was such a privilege to be part of that project.

What music are you currently listening to:

I cannot stop listening to a band called ‘Vulfpeck’. My favourite tracks: 1612 and Back Pocket.

I would jump at the opportunity to work on a feature or short film.

If you are not in the WMP studio where would we most likely find you:

You’d most likely find me on the Leeds Uni campus trying my best to knuckle down as I finish off my music degree. I’m also a big fan of good coffee, so probably an independent coffee shop (or) a pub for some tasty ale and footy on the tv.

What is the best bit about your job?

Composing music for work is one of the best things ever and I feel creatively stimulated in new ways every week. For sure though, the best thing about the job is getting to work alongside just the most fantastic team of people. I never stop learning from them and am driven and challenged by the quality of work they produce.

What has been your proudest moment at WMP so far?

I always look back to my very first library track- Lost in Time with EMI Production Music. It was a real landmark for me!

Who would you love to work with in the future? Client or collaboration..

Having seen the stunning work the guys did on ‘I am Nasrene’, I would jump at the opportunity to work on a feature or short film.

Memorable studio moment…

Blimey- so hard to choose! Casting the net of my mind back into the sea of studio memories, I think that one time Will and I arrived wearing matching burgundy shirts (accidentally) was pretty special. Also- all of the puns, just all of them…

Listen to a few of PYB’s tracks on his portfolio page — click here (Password:yell)