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I would like to call attention to a large lie being told by the Tulsa department so early in their own investigation. I will first quote what was stated in this article, “ The department did not release video from Shelby’s own cruiser. A department public information officer told ThinkProgress that none exists, because Shelby had not turned her camera on manually and never switched her roof lights into the mode that automatically activates the camera.”

This is not possible for what was indicated in the video. The cruisers lights were on. This indicates the dash cam was already rolling. When officer Turnbough arrived on scene it was clear that there was only one cruiser on scene at that exact moment, and that officer Shelby as standing next to her cruiser on the passenger side with her gun already drawn. Her overhead lights were on. Dash cams in patrol cars are set up to be turned on by officers when the lights are off, or to come on automatically when the lights are turned on. Period. There are no second modes for the switches so that the lights come on and the camera does not. If there are such settings on their patrol cars then they are doing something, most likely often, that they do not want the public to know about. Every department I’m familiar with through my work in emergency services and my installs of dash cam and radio systems have it set so as soon as the over head lights come on so does the dash cam. Her lights were obviously on. They’re lying to the public to try and cover up what officer Shelby did. They do not want the initial conversation and contact with the victim made public.

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