Flying cars, a reality today

Sick of getting stuck in traffic during rush hours? Soon enough, we may be able to completely avoid that. A world-first pilot project will be making its debut in Tel Aviv this month. SkyTran, creators of a first of its kind sky taxi based in Mountain View, will soon be ready to launch its first car.

This singular debut car will be able to accommodate 4 people and travel as fast as 60mph. With the intention of rolling out several more cars to its debut system and expand to several cities in the U.S. by 2018, SkyTran plans to play a prominent role as a credible transportation system of the future.

Jerry Sanders, CEO of SkyTran Inc., a cutting-edge NASA Space Act company

Jerry Sanders, founder of SkyTran, mentioned that these cars cost between $25,000 to $30,000 each, and only utilizes one-third the energy of a hybrid car. With its low cost of maintenance and requirements, Sanders believes SkyTran’s sky taxis are extremely economical and environmentally-friendly. As some countries do not have stable electricity, these cars will also be easy to handle since they run on magnetic levitation technology.

Flying cars are the ultimate staple of science fiction. It may sound absurd but with the latest introductions of self-driving cars, computer tablets, and an apocalypse-proof car, somehow, imaginary futuristic equipment we have seen on Sci-Fi flicks decades ago have all became mainstream reality today. Now the question is, will flying cars follow?

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