What to Do When There’s No Fairy Godmother to Wake You in the Middle of the Night

Did we all want to wake-up with a fairy godmother on New Year’s Day or at least a life coach to help get us through the rollercoaster that can be life? I sure did. Alas, there was no floating grandmother in my room with a wand ready to give me a new ride, a checking account full of cash money and a new dress for the charity ball so what’s a girl to do? Become the coach/fairy godmother/leading lady of her own life. That’s right. Pick myself up by the boot-straps, save the tears for Bridget Jones’ Diary Marathons and get-the-eff-on-with-it.

I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a life coach for the last eight to ten years. That’s crazy. To think I’ve had this little seed of an idea in my mind for ten years and haven’t done so much but water it from time to time? I began my life coaching journey through the Law of Attraction Training Center via an online program in Canada during my time in Spain. I read all the books, soaked up all the knowledge and even had a few clients and participated in a few group help sessions. I loved every minute of it but I was young, was teaching (and teaching often), and frankly had a hard time finding clients who could take my class in English. Flash forward six years later and it’s still on my mind. I’ve completed my degree in Psychology, keep up with the latest articles, read the latest books and try my hardest to practice what I preach on the daily. It isn’t always easy but that’s life, isn’t it?

This blog of mine is morphing, just as I am, into what I need it to be for who I need to be. Yes, I have always included articles on life, love and relationships but that side hustle is what I want to become my main squeeze. As I go through the journey of navigating a life coaching career, I will share my own ups and downs through life, love and relationships as well as offer the best advice I can on the subjects. I will tackle the nitty gritty of my own insecurities while hoping and praying that somewhere out there one of you dear readers will find solace in it and hopefully a grain of wisdom-hopefully two. Cooking is a part of my journey too, that will never change, so there will still be recipes and a definite nod to European culture but not the entire focus. I hope you will stay with me as I can promise you it will be a fun ride and worth your while to tag along. Secrets will be revealed, honesty will be at an all-time high and no shits will be given-and as Oprah would say, that is what I know for sure.

Originally published at www.wanderfullifestyle.com on March 6, 2017.