City with unbearable past and uncertain future. Meet, Volgograd.

I had a dream to visit the Volgograd city since I recognized about “The Motherland Calls” monument. I was not a fan of tourism in Russia, but still I full of proud about having such huge statue in my country. One year before The Independence Square became too much independent I have visited Kiev and “The Motherland calls” monument there. Very strong and inspiring feelings visited me. Only after that I found information about Volgograd sight.

Comparing sizes of people and statue

“The Motherland Calls” is more than just showplace, more than monument. Recently I was reading a book of peculiar Russian writer Victor Pelevin and he compares The Motherland with indian goddess of war Kali. Every image of woman with sword author symbolizes with Kali. What I can say? SHE, actually, makes from you small, piffling human being.

The linear agglomeration of the city repeats with you the same transformation. Distance between edges districts is endless. My inner urban planner was in raptures: “City like a sausage!”

Delight lasted not long — till I leaved the center. Volgograd is known like dangerous place.

Damages after Stalingrad battle

Besides the city main symbol you may (ought to) visit museum “The battle of Stalingrad” with biggest European panorama inside. Downtown is quite nice, but bay is a shame of today Stalingrad. Authority plans to improve this significant part of city attractiveness to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Welcome to the center of Volgragrad. Guys in underwear drive you to other side.

They will, but… According to the story about Volgograd`s Bridge, that which calling unofficially as The Dancing Bridge. This story opens for you “miracles” of Russian corruption.

If you are also fan of swimming in dirty rivers, I recommend you The Sarpinskiy Island. This island is the biggest river island in Europe. Russia has biggest and longest and best everything, except of level of humans living conditions. River was so fast, that I felt like on the treadmill.

Also it is possible to swim close to museum “The battle of Stalingrad”. I decided to just check this “resort”, and my the worst expectations were come true.

Pleasant water experience was in open sport swimming pool. I have never thought I can try something like that in Russian Federation. Temperature of my body was arithmetic average of temperatures water and air.

I should summerize my impressions with recommendation, how to make this city better, at least with desire of positive transformations, cause Volgograd deserves them. However, I finish my monologue with love.

On my last road out of Volgograd I have noticed seven banners with social advertising: “What is love? Tell to your children”. It was perceptable especially with song “What is love? baby don`t hurt me” played. What does it mean? Is city full of love or needs love. I don`t know.

Goodbye, Volgograd.I love you too.

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