A new social network for entrepreneurs and startups, CoworkerTribe.com

There is a social network for friends (Facebook), a social network for news(Twitter), a social network for pictures( Instagram), a social network for videos( Snapchat), and a social network for employee setting up their CV online to look for jobs( Linkedin).

What about a social network for entrepreneurs?

There is not one that why we have decided to create one, as 60% of the US population will be self-employed by 2020. And startups are booming all over the world.

How Coworkertribe is different from the other social network?

There are too many startup conferences these days.

It is expensive and time consuming for startups to attend all of them.

CoworkerTribe is like being at a startup conference every day from your home.

We make easier for you to:

- Discover and learn what you need to succeed

- Connect with experts and ask them questions

- Exhibit your startup to the world and find opportunities

- Meet like-minded entrepreneurs

- Showcase your expertise and keep 100% of your sales, no commission

CoworkerTribe is the new social network for startups and entrepreneurs,

As medium say we believe in feeding minds and not in mindless feeds.

Check out the new social network for entrepreneurs here:



Kevin Allen

Co-founder at CoworkerTribe.com