Hi Fidelity Prototype

Outline of features and lo-fi prototype

Phone to Bracelet

  • Using phone signal → send to bracelet
  • Drawing freeform on screen → bracelet vibrates accordingly

Bracelet to Bracelet

  • One finger → vibrate to next level/various motions are displayed live
  • Two finger → feel partner’s heartbeat

Grasping bracelet → send warmth

User Testing

After fleshing out our low fidelity prototypes we did a short round of user testing to find usability problems before creating our high fidelity iterations. Some of the issues that came up were:

  • Confusing sequence of steps in tutorial
  • “It was confusing for me to recognize what was implied by the vibration”
  • “I wasn’t sure whether I successfully finished the task or not”
  • Escape mechanisms

After building our high fidelity prototype, we created a short video highlighting the core features of our application based on several use cases and our personas:

You can view high fidelity prototype here:

You can find our slides here:


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