Here’s to 2017, the good and the bad:

New whip, new job, finished school. These were natural changes. I was never a car guy, but now I am. I was never a Microsoft fan…but now I am. These were unnatural changes. Kudos to Satya Nadella for showing me how much work it takes to turn a company around.

After a great deal of searching, found my favorite coffee roasters in the Seattle area. I have to hand grind and hand press my own coffee because I’m so extra. For anyone who is interested in making whole bean coffee at home (or if you care at all about the ethics of the coffee trade), I would recommend trying any of the seasonal Ethiopian coffees from Slate Coffee Roasters. For Californians, I would recommend Ritual Coffee in San Francisco. Both places deliver across the continental US.

Removed facebook from my phone, and reallocated the time I used to spend on my news feed to reading and educating myself (although admittedly, I have spent more time browsing reddit and reading news about technology than exploring intellectual material).

Fortunate enough to have warm meals and a warm bed provided by a loving family. I have Jenna and Pat to thank for this, from the bottom of my heart.

Gained an appreciation of red wines and IPAs. Discovered scotch ale. I will now choose reds over whites, even though I still think it’s stupid that they stain your mouth purple.

Realized that I can’t afford to make a living. Even so, I feel blessed to be in my current situation, and I will never take anything for granted.

Bought a 1080Ti after dreaming of having a powerful graphics card since 11th grade. Unfortunately, I have to invest in the 144Hz game now..

Developed a sense of responsibility to educate people who are not educated about the racism and prejudice that affect underrepresented groups of people in the world. As an introvert, I am still learning how to talk to people the right way about these topics.

Discovered Elon Musk’s twitter account.

Explored well over a dozen different churches in my pursuit of Jesus. I served. I invested. I was torn away from places I wanted to call home by things that were out of my control. I struggled to be passionate about my faith. I reveled in the gifts that have been bestowed upon me by the Lord. I am still looking for a home, but I am driven to find it.

Gained and lost friendships, and invested in the people who invested in me. I am learning to find the value in friendship again, and how important it is to be involved in the lives of the people I care about.

Learned to embrace my own culture and ethnic background. With this, I feel complete in finding my identity as a Chinese-American male. I learned to not feel shame about my food choices and my culture amongst close friends and strangers alike.

Had a change of heart about adoption, and allowed myself to let my heart break for children the world over who are deserving of life and love as we know it in our privileged everyday lives.

I am excited for what the next year has in store for me.

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