Analog VS. Digital

Is it true that “Old is gold.”?

To all my Music lovers, before we start with this significant debate for, it has been more than two decades and there has been no particular winner in the music industry. Each recording has its fans. Now that we mentioned recordings, turning table and vinyl is one of the analog sounds while CD and mp3 audio extension is digital.

Why use analog while you have the digital which is easier to use and accessible everywhere?

Thanks to iTunes and SoundCloud, playing your favorite songs is becoming easier to listen to and enjoy. On the other side, vinyl requires a material to play by a particular device, which is called Turntable. If high quality is your main concern vinyl is going to be your best friend due to the fact that analog is not a compressed file and you can hear the instruments of the song clearer than a CD or any other digital source. According to my experience, I believe that the analog songs have clearer sound than the digital. To me the way the music sounds has no noise, seems like you are at the recording studio live while they record the song. In addition, analog recording are uses reel-to-reel tapes that purity is lost along. Although the analog has a magnificent high quality of sound purity but the vinyl is very sensitive and has to be covered in a particular case to be protected from any scratch. Also, the quality gets lower after reusing it over and over again. As for the digital sound, its’ advantage is that you can play the music over and over for years without losing its quality as long as your speakers work well.

In my opinion, Analog music especially the vinyl is more fun to listen to and use because you have to do the effort to take care of that piece of art and enjoy playing it. It’s also like you are part of the band installing your tools (turntable) to play.In the end, each user has his/her personal choice to enjoy their music peacefully however they like.

So, are you into analog or digital?