Box of the Month — CrossFit Charge

For our latest edition of Box of the Month, Wodify went down under to chat with Ashley Jones — owner of CrossFit Charge. Keep reading to learn what makes his box special!

[This discussion has been lightly edited for length and clarity.]

Wodify: When did you get into CrossFit?
Charge CrossFit:
I got into CrossFit around 2010. At the time, I was a personal trainer searching for something different — something that made more sense than using machines or just lifting weights.

This is how I found CrossFit. Prior to personal training and CrossFit, I spent years glued to a chair in an office, which reaffirmed my love of moving and being active. This spurred me to open Charge CrossFit in 2012. I wanted to get more people moving and educate my clients about how and why we need to move. I wanted to empower people to discover their own possibilities and provide a place for them to train hard and thrive.

W: How many coaches do you have?
: Our team is currently made up of six coaches and one intern coach.

W: What do you enjoy about being an owner and a coach?
: I love exploring new and more effective ways to be better at moving and see that carry over to other parts of life. I see a big part of my job as testing out this stuff and bringing it to our community. I enjoy the constant opportunity to grow and help others grow.

W: Can you share a success story about one of your athletes?
Success stories within our gym, like most, come in many forms — first pull ups, major body composition changes, weight loss goals smashed, PRing olympics lifts, meeting future wife or husband, whole families joining and training together, so many great things!

One stand out journey that comes to mind recently is one of our Master Athletes, Tim. He has been training at Charge for approximately two and a half years.

He recently reached new heights in his weight loss journey now weighing under 80kgs for the first time since the 1980s. Along with this, Tim has seen improvement in just about every aspect of his fitness.

In this year’s CrossFit Open, he competed in the 55+ RX category for the first time. He now has strict pull ups and his wife has become a recent new member and is showing a decent amount of progress as well!

All of this is attributed to Tim’s amazing dedication to his training and drive to improve his life. He shows up and does the work, he keeps track of and reflects on his performance, and trusts and respects the program and the process.

W: What makes Charge CrossFit different that other boxes?
We have major focus on balance and education — balance through what we train and balance in how training appears in our clients individual lives as a whole.

We have different aspects to our programming and have taken influences from other areas, but maintained the best of everything CrossFit.

We aim to educate our community so they have a deeper understanding of the movements they do and are working towards and how they apply and translate to other things. Our community is very special. They are open minded, supportive and work seriously hard.

W: What made you decide to implement Wodify Core?
We saw Wodify Core as the software that had everything we needed in one. No add ons, just all inclusive and simple. A big draw card was the value it would add to our members with the performance tracking app..

W: Were you using any other management system, software or pen and paper, before beginning to use Wodify Core?
: We started with a manual system for memberships. What a nightmare! Ha! We moved onto a basic membership software to begin with, but decided to make the switch to Wodify for the great performance tracking capabilities and just everything in one place — programming, finance reporting, POS, kiosk and the list goes on!

W: How was Wodify Core received in your box by your athletes/coaches?
: Our members were pretty excited when we announced we were getting Wodify Core. Its definitely added value to their memberships. The transition from whiteboard to kiosk was equally exciting for our coaches — it made the job so much more efficient!

W: How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results?
: People were really keen to get using the performance tracking feature so it was just a matter of showing them how to use the kiosk or app to enter results. Now people tend to do this instinctively and are having some fun with the interactive daily leaderboard.

W: Did you notice changes in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify Core?
: We noticed that our athletes were more driven and organized in sessions as they can refer back on previous performance notes and results with certains movements and weights.

W: How has Wodify Core changed/helped your box?
It helped us cut down time of administration — chasing payments, writing sessions and names on the whiteboard. Its also added more value to our memberships with the tracking app available to members.

W: Is there any way you feel you use Wodify Core that is unique to your gym?
: I don’t think so.

W:What would you say to people who think technology does not belong in a box?
: Each to his own, but people love technology and apps. Booking into classes can also hold people accountable. And it makes coach life more efficient!

W: Do you have a favorite feature? If so what?
: Performance tracking for sure.

W: Anything new and exciting going on at you want to share?
: We’re always evolving what we do. The journey to fitness is endless and that’s why we love it.

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