Do things with Love, not just things you “love”
David Hamman

hi David, i enjoyed your posting until i read this:

>> You always have to give first — and you will get back proportionally.

See, the problem here is the second part 'you will get back …' and then something i will get back. This is not the samurai way. Giving is unconditionally.

Consider a baby who is hungry. The baby cries. Is this conditionally?

Does the baby express: 'I will stop crying once i get food'?

I think not. I believe the baby expresses the situation at hand. It cries to express hunger. It does not express the want of food. There is a difference.

As such, true giving is free. Not free from anything, such as thought which involves time (if … then…). But free as in definition 1D7 from the book "Ethics" by Spinoza:

"That thing is called free which exists from the necessity of its own nature alone, and is determined to action by itself alone. That thing, on the other hand, is called necessary, or rather compelled, which by another is determined to existence and action in a fixed and prescribed manner."

Warmest regards, Ron

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